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Whether you are whipping up eggs at home or mixing a sauce in your restaurant, a whip or whisk is a necessary tool in every kitchen. This 5"" Piano Whip (47004) from Vollrath is a trusted whip that can handle nearly any of your whisking needs. This whip has been constructed from stainless steel for ultimate durability and effectiveness when needing absolutely thorough blending. It’s equipped with a heat resistant nylon handle that is able to withstand up to 475° F.
  • Patent pending ergonomic whip with fine wires for mixing or aerating thinner food products
  • One-piece handle is completely sealed, no crevices to collect food or bacteria
  • Center reinforcement wire eliminates bending, twisting and deforming
  • Nylon handle is heat resistant to 475 degree Fahrenheit
  • Knob end on handle to prevent slippage while in use